connecting about the process of authentic learning

We have discovered that the following prompts within lessons allow students to make authentic learning connections. These questions empower students to identify and capitalize on their learning strengths, become aware of the various modalities in which they can practice and apply new information, work through authentic problem solving opportunities and reflect on their current depth of understanding to ensure retention. Self-Regulation and Meta-Cognition are essential aspects of the learning process that take learning from regurgitation of content to empowering the brain.  

1) What is the learning target?

Describe the concept/skill that you now know in your own words.

2) How do you best learn?

Describe/reflect on what makes you successful in learning. What types of supports do you need to make connections? How do you best stay engaged in your learning? What types of class structures or activities do you need?

3) How do you record your learning?

Describe the methods that assist you in recording your learning path so you can reference it in the future. The “why” behind the concept should be included as well as “how” to solve the problem.

4) How do you practice what you have learned through problem solving?

Describe how you practice and demonstrate understanding of the learning target through application and authentic problem solving.

5) Describe your Current Depth of Understanding.

Using a rubric or scale, describe how well you currently know the material/skill. 

Universal Design for Learning